Are you looking for innovative ways to develop your farm or estate and stay competitive in our rapidly changing world? ARC can provide you with expert agricultural advice and farm planning to turn your ambitions into reality. Our specialists can help you with everything from starting a farm shop, or developing new local food and drink products, to building a major tourist attraction on your estate.

If you run a farm, you will know that farming is a complex business requiring a range of specialist skills. You will also appreciate the potential for boosting the productivity of your farmland. As well as providing advice and support, ARC can help you maximise your estate’s opportunities by finding experts with the skills to implement your plans.


Here are just some of the ways ARC can help you grow your business:

  • Successful farm diversification – identifying profitable ways to diversify that meet your changing needs
  • Farm management skills – training employees to help you build a successful, sustainable business
  • Farm planning – helping and guiding you through the ever changing and challenging agricultural markets
  • Alternative farming methods – helping you identify productive ways to adapt to a changing environment
  • Rural businesses funding – helping you apply for development funding, government grants and other finance
  • Financial management – helping you increase profits and generate sustainable returns on investment (ROI)
  • Development planning – identifying development options for land, buildings and business
  • Farm succession planning – helping families and tenants plan for the next generation of farmers
  • Partnership planning – guiding you through establishing joint ventures or shared farming agreements
  • Understanding subsidies – adapting to the withdrawal of direct subsidies
  • Emerging technologies – identifying profitable opportunities in areas such as carbon-capture and storage.


Whether you need help with agricultural planning, or a farm environment plan, we will listen to your ideas and develop effective options, strategies and actions to realise your ambitions. These can include:

  • Connecting you to our specialist ARC colleagues with expert knowledge in specific areas
  • Reviewing the whole farm business to identify development opportunities
  • Evaluating your asset base, including land, buildings, people and knowledge
  • Appraising suitable finance options and helping you with the application process
  • Using our strong connections in the agricultural sector across the UK to provide relevant advice and guidance
  • Providing professional support, either one-to-one or through a bespoke team of ARC specialists.