The Harwich Mayflower Project: impact research

The Port of Harwich is a must-see destination for heritage lovers. To celebrate the 400 year anniversary of the departure on the Mayflower, the iconic ship which transported 100 Pilgrim Fathers to America, The Harwich Mayflower Project secured funding, with the support of ARC member and Director of Destination Research, Sergi Jarques.


To create a seaworthy replica of the ship, funding needed to be secured. As part of the application, an evaluation of the economic effect and increase in employment it would generate in the local area, was required.


With 20 years’ commercial research experience, from visitor segmentation, to economic impact evaluations, Sergi undertook a major appraisal. The brief was to assess the likely direct and indirect impacts of the new tourism venture, on a local and regional level.


The research uncovered the high level of positive impact the replica Mayflower ship would have on tourism and the number jobs it was likely to generate. A robust application was submitted and funding secured.

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