The experience you create for customers during their buying journey will shape how they feel about your brand. This makes customer experience (CX) management an essential part of your business development. We can help you create a retail experience that builds customer loyalty, earns repeat sales, increases revenue and gives your brand a competitive advantage.

Our consultants specialise in helping farms and rural businesses, including farm shops, tourism services and visitor attractions, build powerful brands. They can work with you one-to-one or we can put together a bespoke team of experts, depending on your CX needs. Our first step is to build our understanding of your business and its customers.

Creating an effective Customer Experience (CX) strategy follows a structured process that includes benchmarking service standards and identifying opportunities for improvement by gathering customer feedback. We use these insights to develop a plan with specific, measurable, achievable, relevant and timely (SMART) objectives. Delivering this plan requires a ‘whole team’ approach, which makes CX training an essential part of the process.


Aligning employee behaviours with customer expectations is essential for creating a winning experience that delivers business success. As well as strengthening your external brand through enhanced service, it can also deliver internal benefits such as:

  • Increased employee engagement
  • Higher employee retention rates
  • Improved employee morale and motivation.

That’s why our approach to transforming your external customer experience starts with you internal ‘customers’ – your employees and other stakeholders. Our CX training programme includes:

  • Conducting a gap analysis using various research methods, such as surveys, real-time feedback, third party feedback, internal and external customer focus groups and customer journey mapping workshops
  • Developing a company-wide CX strategy for both external customers and employees
  • Setting clear goals and objectives for your employees and other business partners
  • Ensuring the whole team is aligned with your brand values
  • Helping employees understand how their role is vital in creating a great CX
  • Developing ongoing benchmark activity to measure new standards and identify trends and opportunities
  • Providing bespoke training, coaching and mentoring in effective customer service, sales communication and retail marketing.

Empower your employees and drive better customer experience
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