Have you thought of applying for rural development grants to help your business grow? They are available for agricultural and rural enterprises, including those in the farming, horticultural, forestry and food processing sectors. You can use them, for instance, to diversify your product range, open new markets, and even start a new business.

The government and other organisations provide a wide range of grants to support sustainable growth and create jobs in the rural economy. You can find grants for such things as buying capital equipment, investing in technology and innovation, and developing environmental projects. However, securing this funding is becoming increasingly competitive as businesses prepare for Brexit and adapt to the Covid-19 threat.

Many businesses also find the application processes complex and time consuming, not least, because they all have different conditions and eligibility criteria. That’s why we have specialists to help you identify the most relevant rural funding grants and complete the applications in a way that increases your chance of success. Here are some of the questions we can help you answer in the process:

  • Am I eligible for business growth funding?
  • Is there funding for agricultural start-ups?
  • Is there agricultural research funding available?
  • Are there grants for new farming entrants?
  • How do I apply for farm grants?
  • How much grant funding can I get?
  • What are the grant rates?
  • Do I need planning permission?
  • How long will the process take?
  • How can I finance it?
  • Do I need a business plan?


ARC specialists have extensive experience and knowledge of the grant funding process. Over the years, they have helped businesses secure millions of pounds for rural business development projects. They are particularly skilled at working with clients to develop proposals that demonstrate potential growth and sustainability to the grant funders.

We will identify your individual funding needs, research the available grants, and select those where your plans meet the eligibility criteria. Our consultants can also help you with market research, business planning and developing a long-term business strategy. We can manage the entire process and even write the application on your behalf.


  • Grant availability (taking account of government policies)
  • Your eligibility
  • Market conditions
  • Funding for expansion and development, such as farm diversification grants
  • Different grant options, based on what your business needs to grow
  • Options analysis, championed by market demand and expectation

Our advice is impartial, independent and based solely on the professional knowledge and industry experience of our team of consultants. Their areas of expertise include business management, marketing, tourism, the food industry, retail services and the environment. They are also up-to-date with the latest developments in local and national policy and agricultural research funding.