Norfolk County Farms Estate: bespoke training seminars

A large group of prospective tenant farmers made strong applications to Norfolk County Council, as a result of Anglia Rural Consultants’ pioneering seminars.


Norfolk’s County Farms Estate, owned by Norfolk County Council extends to over 6,800 hectares of prime agricultural land. It has 145 tenants and are an important entry point for new farmers. However, there was a need to educate potential new farmers in farming as a business to enable them to make high quality applications.


A crack team of seven ARC consultants developed and delivered a bespoke programme of pioneering seminars, bringing a wide range of expertise.

Judy Randon led on the importance of different styles of communication, uncovering the key attributes of a tenant farmer.
Richard Rampton created a practical exercise to demonstrate how a realistic budget should be created.
David Hughes brought his finance expertise to the fore, including how to deal with banks and unlock funding through leasing and hire-purchase and making funding go further.
Jamie Gwatkin focussed on how to manage risk through preparation and planning.
Clarke Willis explored the skills and opportunities needed to buy and sell.
Mike Appleyard shared his knowledge on personal development to help drive business.
Emma Finn marketed the course to prospective tenants through the ARC website and social media.


The prospective tenant farmers were informed and inspired by the seminars, which provided them with valuable business knowledge and skills. 39 tenancy applications were made to Norfolk County Council, as a result – many of a high standard. Norfolk County Council was delighted with the outcome.

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