ARC’s purpose is to help people launch, grow and finance their rural enterprises, whatever their sector. For instance, we work with farmers and other agricultural business owners, as well as food and drink producers, retailers and tourism operators. We also help public sector organisations develop strategies and secure funding streams that support the rural economy.

Whether you want to boost productivity, diversify an established business, launch a sustainable enterprise, or strengthen your environmental management, our specialists can help. We offer three main services: Rural Business Development, Funding Solutions, and Training, Coaching and Mentoring. However, we will tailor these to meet your specific needs.


ARC’s in-house specialists have a wealth of experience, skills and knowledge. They can work with you one-to-one or as a team. Here are some of the areas where they can offer expert advice and support:

  • Agricultural advice
  • Agriculture loans
  • Environment planning
  • Food and drink product development
  • Government farm grants
  • Market research
  • Marketing development programmes
  • New products and services development
  • One-to-one coaching and mentoring services
  • Performance management training
  • Sustainability training
  • Retail customer services training
  • Tourism and tourism marketing


Over the years, we have helped clients:

  • Develop their skills and improve customer experience
  • Grow their knowledge of alternative farming methods
  • Source investment, including loans and grants
  • Grow their profits and strengthen their return on investment (ROI)
  • Implement diversification plans
  • Apply for development grants
  • Export their goods
  • Engage with succession planning
  • Plan for Brexit
  • Adjust to the withdrawal of direct farm subsidies.