If you want to develop your tourism offer, or diversify into this valuable sector of the UK economy, talk to ARC. We understand how challenging and rewarding it is to develop a successful attraction – and what you need to do to run an effective business in a competitive market. With the increased interest in environmentally friendly holidays, now is a particularly good time for tranquil rural locations to attract UK and overseas visitors looking to reconnect with nature.

ARC has consultants who are specialists in tourism market research and customer experience. They work with both private businesses and public sector organisations, such as local authorities and county councils. Their experience includes helping clients run heritage sites, wildlife attractions, museums, and galleries, as well as farms and estates looking to diversify into tourism.


We can provide you with advice and support on topics such as:

With our robust tourism research model we can measure the economic impact of events, tourism developments, grant funding for applications, capital investment projects and marketing initiatives. This will provide you with an estimate of the level of:

  • Economic impact to the local and regional visitor economy
  • Jobs generated at a local and regional level
  • Off-site visitor expenditure. For example, the likely spend of visitors on accommodation, dining out and other areas which affect tourism


We always start by assessing your needs to identify specific actions. ARC uses robust research methods to collect clear, reliable data to help inform all our tourism marketing advice and drive your business forward. Our recommendations might include market research, new product and services development, or customer experience research and training.

Effective tourism marketing and promotion strategies are essential to increase profitability. ARC specialists have a strong understanding of the tourism industry and use sophisticated research methods to gain insight into visitor behaviours. This valuable information helps inform our results oriented marketing strategies.

We have used these methods over the years to plan successful events and tourism marketing campaigns. We have also created visitor perception and segmentation studies to guide companies in their marketing choices. This has helped numerous clients achieve sustainable business growth in the tourism industry.

We will help you at each stage of your marketing and development activity, including:

  • Collecting and analysing customer insights
  • Targeting marketing campaigns towards your ideal customers
  • Assessing the overall impact of your activity.