C     is for Christmas – the festive season provides you with the opportunity to achieve your sales forecast. Preparation is the key.


H    is for Hours – once you have decided upon your Christmas period opening hours make make sure they are clearly visible to passing customers


R     is for Range – this is the one time of year when you can be a bit more adventurous in your offering. When adding groceries to your selection consider offering the brand leader in a category plus a value label line in the same category. That way you won’t end up with over duplication and a poor sales rate.


I     is for Interesting – make your sales space look both interesting and different. Manufacturers / Producers often wrap their products with a Christmas message, this coupled with a few decorations can transform your shop.


S     is for Staples – don’t forget to cover those staples like milk, eggs and bread, which people always seem to run out of at the wrong time.


T     is for Treats – Christmas provides an opportunity to expand in areas like confectionery, nuts and cakes


M     is for Merchandising – take a fresh look at your layout. Think about where to site the products your customers will be looking for. Remember eye level is buy level.


A     is for Attention to detail – are areas clearly defined and items clearly priced?


S     is for Samples – knowing your likely peaks and troughs set aside some time in quieter periods to sample some of the items you have brought in specially for Christmas. Try leads to Buy.




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