The LEADER programme is a national, EU funded programme.

It has been established to give grants for small and medium-sized businesses, farms looking to diversify, tourism projects, community groups, foresters and a wide range of other rural enterprises.

Local Action Groups (LAGs) have been established to review applications for funding.  In East Anglia LAG groups operate across the rural areas of Suffolk and Norfolk.  Their aim is to grow the rural economy through creating jobs, developing rural businesses and supporting the rural economy.

Projects which require a minimum of £2,500 will be supported that fit one or more of the following priorities:
• Increased farm productivity
• Micro and small businesses (non-agricultural) and farm diversification
• Rural tourism
• Rural services
• Cultural and heritage activity
• Increased forestry productivity. Eligible applicants for funding are farmers, foresters, rural businesses and rural communities who live in the LEADER area.

Projects are diverse.  They range from funding a new facility to process potatoes, previously deemed as waste, adding significant value to the renovation of an old railway station at Clare Country Park to provide a railway themed café, which aims to attract at least 25% more tourists over the next three years.

Find out more about your local LAG Groups:

Suffolk and North Essex Wool Towns LAG

Norfolk and North Suffolk LAGS

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