Making an important decision can be difficult. The one certainty in life is change – and we need to be best placed to grasp it with both hands and move forward. 

To do this, sometimes difficult decisions have to be made. Without you realising it, when you are in your decision-making process you will be up against barriers to change.

These include your emotions – fear of change – you have too many choices to decide from, which may lead to a paralysis of action. You may feel peer pressure from family and friends- would they do it this way – what are they thinking?

For example, you might be thinking about:

  • Diversifying your farm business
  • Restructuring your farm business
  • Reviewing your succession policy – handing over the business to your next generation
  • Looking to use new technology and equipment to enhance your productivity 
  • Working collectively with other neighbouring, like minded businesses


To help overcome these barriers as the saying goes “it is good to talk” – but who to? Do you talk to your friends and family – but on what basis do they make their decisions – are they subjective?

Do you talk to experts? Are they really impartial though?

The best way forward is follow your own instinct – but don’t make rash decisions. Manage your thought making process in a measured way. The key principles are:

  • Define your goals- what do you want? Be specific and realistic in terms of time and scale
  • Culminate your choices by setting standards. Choose your options that suit these standards
  • Identify the pro’s and con’s- carry out a SWOT analysis, listing the strengths against weaknesses and opportunities against the threats
  • Educate your decision-making process. Do some thorough research. Take time out to do it 


Once you have decided what you want – do it and commit!

Emma Powlett

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