Now that we are in the midst of Covid-19, this is the time to develop your business and marketing plan, keep ahead of the game, be prepared for the “new normal” and thrive.

There have been many descriptions of Covid-19 but one that resonates most is that we are at war with the virus. The virus was barely on business risk registers and has hit many straight between the eyes causing pain and uncertainty for the future.

Whatever market you are in, it has changed overnight across all sectors; there is uncertainty as nobody knows how long it will last. There will be casualties.

In order to give your business the best chance, this is the time to step up, adapt and change to keep up with the pace of what is happening across the economy.

There are a number of Government funded business support packages in place ranging between loans and small grants, but these are short term survival solutions. Your business and marketing plan needs to be in place to prepare you for a post-Covid-19 future.

The key principles are:

  • Know your market and customers and know your competition
  • Look at your core business and identify if you need to be more focussed and develop a specialist niche area to enable to rebuild and grow your business
  • Be proactive with your market and customers now and position yourself
  • Make the market aware of what you can do and that you can be flexible and understand the customer’s needs
  • Positively use social media to promote and position yourself

To find out more about marketing planning read ARC member, Emma Finn’s article here.

The winners of this crisis will be those that have a leader’s mindset, can adapt and change and provide flexibility for their customers. The planning and work needs to start now.

We all need to build our resilience to not just survive – but to thrive!

To find out more about how to be proactive with marketing your business, do get in touch.

Emma Powlett,
Anglia Rural Consultants.