25 budding farm tenants have kicked off their wellies and taken part in a pioneering, new training course created by Anglia Rural Consultants (ARC).  The course helped prospective tenant farmers develop their business skills to help shape their farm tenancy applications, for Norfolk’s County Farm Estate.

Norfolk County Council owns an estate of more than 6,500 hectares farmed by 145 tenants, which provides significant income for the Council, to help pay for services and development.   The Council invited ARC to develop and deliver expert, practical training, to help prospective tenant farmers define their approach and create winning applications, for four tenancies up for lease.

The two half day courses, held at The Morley Agricultural Foundation Research Centre, were introduced by Duncan Slade, the Land Agent for Norfolk County Council.  The course included sessions on finance and risk analysis, a farm budget exercise and a personality profile, so applicants, many in their twenties and thirties, can establish their strengths and weaknesses.

In addition, a presentation by a current farm tenant highlighted life at the cutting edge of tenant farming and, with wellies now on, the delegates toured the Morley Foundation farm.  This helped them learn about the funding, facilities and equipment needed to operate a farm and assess the strengths and weakness when viewing a farm property.

Delegates were also able to meet with specialist consultants from ARC, to review their farm budgets and discuss their business ideas for the future.

Mike Appleyard

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