Sun setting over the rural landscape


We’re delighted to launch our new vision for the East of England Economy.
ARCs Vision is to promote sustainable development across the East of England by helping agricultural and rural business clients increase productivity through harnessing natural assets, scientific knowledge and technology to maximize the opportunities the 21st Century offers.

ARC will support businesses to achieve the vision by integrating and developing economic, social and environmental priorities and objectives for clients to achieve sustainable development.

An Overview

The East of England Rural Economy will face significant challenges and some opportunities as a result of the UK leaving the EU.

These are compounded by differences in the rural economy and population growth between the north and south of the region; from the North Norfolk coast to the South Essex countryside.

The ARC 2030 Vision for the East of England recognises the multiple pressures that those who live and work in rural communities will face.

Rural enterprises play an important economic role. They contribute to our national prosperity and wellbeing but are often a blind spot within government rural and wider economic development policies.

This Vision responds to a number of key challenges and opportunities facing the rural economy.

Read our Vision in full here