Soils for Sugar: Covid Requirements for Face-to-Face Seminars

Our goal is to host all the seminars in January and early February as face-to-face gatherings as we understand the importance of social interaction. In light of recent (December2021) Government announcements and to protect and keep everybody safe we ask all attendees (including trainers/seminar hosts) to follow the following principles:

General principles:

  • All to carry out a Lateral Flow before arriving at venue and prove negative result.
  • Masks to be worn at all times (apart from drinking beverages).
  • To sit 1-2 m apart from each other, unless in same bubble.

Soils for Sugar and Venue Hosts will ensure:

  • The rooms are well ventilated throughout the seminar (Coats etc may need to be worn!).
  • A one way in/out system (where practicable) will be in operation to limit people crossing.
  • No more than 25 attendees per seminar.

All presentations will be available on the Soils for Sugar Portal page (Password: Soils2021/22)

If the situation changes nearer the time, we will update you. Our ‘Plan B’ is to take the seminars online – but hoping that this won’t be necessary with the above precautions in place.